There are many postings on our school building that support students learning Japanese.

List of sentence patterns

Beginner level learners must always remember what they have learned.
Always seeing the grammar and example sentences of the beginner’s class will help to establish Japanese sentence patterns.

Flash card

Speaking by seeing the situation is linked to our daily lives.
For the purpose of using Japanese, pictures are more effective than letters.
The picture cards prepared for each lesson will help your conversation skills.

Japanese videos

Japanese programs are broadcast on the center’s TV.
Even if you don’t understand the meaning of words, you can get used to Japanese sounds by listening to Japanese.
Your listening skills will definitely improve.

Vocabulary list

When speaking a word, it is easier to convey feelings when there is a large amount of vocabulary.
Even if you know the grammar, you can’t speak unless you know the vocabulary. Vocabulary lists are posted throughout the school.
You will naturally learn what you see on a daily basis.