Intensive course


Intensive Course

The feature of our intensive course

1.Small class (maximum 8 students in the classroom)

  • Increase individual speaking opportunities in small classes.
  • The teacher can give detailed guidance to each student.
  • The number of participants are small, classes can be advanced quickly.

2.Teacher fixed system

  • Do not share classes with multiple teachers, an experienced teacher will be in charge of the class.
  • Since there is no transfer of multiple teachers, daily classes start smoothly.
  • Teachers can easily understand the pros and cons of each student.

3.Abundant class materials

  • We are creating teaching materials for Malaysian learners.
  • We have prepared teaching materials that will help you learn Japanese naturally.
  • We Use teaching materials that can be used efficiently.

4.Moderate class duration

  • Classes are 2.5 hours per day. It’s not too long so it’s easy to digest lesson content
  • Study 5chapter in 10days. Use 1day for each section review before Exam of each levels.
  • Time for review and examination commentary will be provided, so the lesson content can be deeply established.

Qualification to apply for Intensive Course

Classes are conducted every day from Monday to Friday, total of 2.5 hours a day and each level will take 12 days to complete.  And you can reach N4 level in 6months.

Scope: grammar building, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation.
Exam will be conducted at the end of each level.
Options of furthering studies in Japan are available.
Options of a follow-up course with an affiliate school in Japan.

This course is ideal for:
Students who are on long holidays.
School leavers and graduates who are waiting to further studies.
Those who are in the middle of job hunting.
Students who wish to further studies in Japan.
Housewives and people who have flexible working hours.


1Level = 2.5hours x 12lessons [total 30hours]

Course Fees

RM540 / Level (Included registration fee and materia fee).

We have 5level package (RM2,600 (Level 1-5) & Full package (RM5,000) too. 

Course Schedule for intensive course

Intake in March,2020

Course is Apr,2020 ~ Jun,2020 (N5)
              July,2020 ~ Nov,2020 (N4)

You can complete JLPT N4 Level